How to write exemplification essay correctly?

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In this section, you will learn how to write an exemplification essay and the steps you need to follow to write this type of essay.

What is an exemplification essay?

Many students think that the example essay is something very difficult. However, in reality this isn't the case. If you look into the explanatory dictionary, then you will understand that this is just a subspecies of argumentative essay. Here the author gives relevant and simple examples to convince the reader of his thesis.

Writing an exemplification essay is meaningless if you don't take into account the theory of examples. The essence of this theory is that the author must present logical arguments that have useful advantages and judgments about how the events happened in different ways.

Choosing a topic for an essay example

How to write essay? First, define an interesting topic for yourself. Follow these simple tips:

  • Find a topic that is interesting to you personally, and at the same time is little disclosed. It can be world history, the economy of a country, modern technologies, etc
  • Find some good sources of literature and research them before you start writing. Ask yourself: "Are these literature sources enough to fully cover the topic?"
  • Make a mind map of several ideas on different topics. Find several sites that have sample essay examples
  • Check out several articles on Google Scholar on the same topic
  • Don't write about what you aren't interested in. After all, then you will simply be bored with writing, and you will get a work of poor quality

What scheme should an exemplification essay have

Write a plan first. Collect all sources of information together, create a numbered list, create Works Cited.

The structure of the example essay is as follows:

  • Briefly outline the topic that will be discussed
  • Describe the essence of the work. This part takes up to 30% of the essay volume. Use examples, arguments, facts, statistics, highlight the main idea (thesis). A thesis is a statement, the core of all your work. Always be as clear and concise as possible when presenting your thesis
  • Basic paragraphs. Write about the main arguments, dilute the paragraphs with relevant examples. Explain why you chose these examples
  • End it with a sentence that convinces the reader that you are right and motivates them to continue studying your topic

When the essay is ready, proofread it, make corrections. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the text. Make corrections if necessary.

And now a little more detail about each part of the essay example.


Outline the thesis, direct the reader to understand the topic of the essay, and what will happen next. Use any of these options:

  • Please provide unexpected statistics
  • Start with an anecdote or famous quote
  • Ask the reader a question

If you write economics essay, ask the question: Do you know what GDP, debit, and what is credit? You can cite GDP statistics for developed countries in Central Europe and the United States, and compare it with the GDP of countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But this should be the very question that will force the reader to focus on the thesis.

The main body of the essay example

Place clear and strong ideas, facts, arguments, short examples here. Information in support of the theme should be located here. Use information and arguments that make your essay thesis deeper and more coherent.

Now categorize the facts and arguments by importance with respect to the thesis. List the most compelling example in the first paragraph of the text. Then provide new examples and evidence to support your thesis. Instead of facts, you can use a story to prove your point in one paragraph. Be sure to use transitional sentences between paragraphs.


Re-formulate your thesis, and then provide several arguments that support it. You can use a trick like linking the first paragraph to the last. Review some words or phrases from the introduction. They create such an important psychological effect as strengthening the feeling of completeness and completeness of the subject. You can use a quote or link to add even more credibility.

Try to reinforce the thesis one more time, rather than simply summarizing the essay.