Learning to write an economic essay

Our service “Write my essays” (someone-write-my-essay.com) has prepared for you a simple instruction on how to write an economic essay. An economic essay differs from a literary essay by clear arguments and facts, solid and proof that you refer to. Only if you provide irrefutable evidence, statistics from reliable sources, conduct rigorous research and use reputable sources of information, you can get a good grade.

Before answering the question How to write essay”, make sure that you understand exactly what you are writing about and what the teacher requires of you.

Note one important feature of this type of essay: the topics are in the form of questions. If you understand the question of the topic, write it down and put it in a prominent place in the apartment so that you can see it at any time. Every time you look at a question, think about the answer.

Preparation for writing

Writing an argumentative essay or any other type of paper is only 50% of the deal. You also need to research the topic, use scientific articles and books as sources of information. Use online libraries, Google books, Google Scholar, and other web resources. Don't hesitate to ask the professor for help if you do not understand something.

When conducting research, you may come across unknown terms. First of all, find out their meaning. Keep the main question in focus as you read the source material. If you find sections that don't cover your main question, just skip them.

Is there a correct answer?

How to correctly answer the question: "How does the growth of production and export of German goods affect the euro exchange rate?" There is a good old joke that if you put 10 economists in one room, you get 11 different answers. This means that there is often simply no single correct answer in economics.

Let's conduct a macro-assessment of this question so that you understand how many factors affect the answer to the question: “How does the growth of production and export of German goods affect the euro exchange rate?”:

  • Depends on the general state of the economy in the European Union: rise or fall?
  • Time lags - interest rates will take effect after 18 months
  • Dependence on falling or rising consumer spending, season, economies of countries neighboring Germany
  • An increase or decrease in the export of German goods to countries outside Europe (USA, Asia)
  • Euro inflation
  • Demand for German goods in various European countries (for example, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, etc.)
  • Unemployment rate, balance of payments, current account and economic growth in the EU countries where German goods are exported

You can use a few examples to convince the reader that there is no single correct answer. This is the same principle as in the exemplification essay.

The next step is to prepare the material and write an introduction

Any essay consists of 3 parts:

  • Introduction
  • Basic paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Distribute sources of information so that they appear in your essay according to this structure. When you have arranged your literature sources in the correct sequence, you can prepare Works Cited, which is placed at the end of the essay.

When planning the main paragraphs, consider the total length of the essay.

Now write your introduction. It shows the reader the main thesis and an overview of what they are about to read. The introduction should end with a question that you will answer in the next section.

Describe the main body paragraphs of the essay

The essence of the answer must be placed in the body. The body consists of several paragraphs, each of which contains one main idea. It is very important to concisely convey the essence of this idea. It doesn't have to be long. The essence of the idea is located at the beginning of the paragraph, the rest is occupied by a thematic sentence, details, examples, statistics and facts.

A subject sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph. Sometimes it can be the only one, since no explanations are needed for it.

Make sure you have sufficient evidence.

Conclusion is one of the most important parts of an essay

The conclusion most of all affects the overall impression of the reader of your work. You can consider the conclusion as a completed version of the essay. Repeat the main argument that was presented in the introduction, and then end the conclusion with a compelling sentence.