Writing a top-notch argumentative essay

There are many essay writing services in the USA, England, Canada and other English speaking countries. You can contact any of them that suits you for the price and ask: “Write my essay”. It is very beneficial to order a term paper or an abstract at someone-write-my-essay.com. But we went further and invite you to find out how to writing essay yourself. And in this section, we'll take a look at argumentative essay.

What is an argumentative essay

This is an article that sets out a specific point of view or position on a problem. In a good argumentative essay, the writer convinces the reader that his point of view is correct. To do this, he uses evidence.

Unlike economics essay, writing an argumentative essay is much easier. Accordingly, a senior college student will cope with this task. The most frequently used topics are:

  • The science
  • Technology and technical progress
  • Healthcare
  • Politics

How to create a draft of essay

The structure of this document consists of 4 parts:

  • Introductory paragraph. Here you set out the thesis, which you will then need to support with appropriate evidence
  • Presentation of the essay. This is part of the first paragraph. State your idea. Most often, the presentation consists of only one sentence
  • Body paragraphs of the essay. You should have at least 3 paragraphs. They explain the reasons why you support this thesis. Each paragraph should reflect a specific idea or evidence. Use a topical sentence that will briefly explain to the reader why they should agree with you. Be sure to use examples, statistics, quotes from scientists, political scientists and other specialists. Discuss opposing points of view. Those and them that don't correspond to your thesis, you will need to refute
  • Consists of one paragraph, and takes up no more than 10% of the entire essay. Don't use new facts in your conclusion. Repeat the thesis one more time, and emphasize that in the course of your work you have proven its correctness. At the very end, you can add a strong emotional sentence that explains why this topic is so relevant to hundreds of people

We create a thesis

So, we figured out the structure. Now it is important to formulate the thesis, and then proceed to drawing up a plan and searching for sources of literature.

A thesis is just one sentence, but the whole essay will revolve around it. Write the title of the topic in the form of a question, and then answer it yourself. The answer will be the very thesis. For example, in the title or introduction, you might ask: "What is the best model of a drone for a student?" The thesis will sound like this: “The best quadcopter for a student is JJRC X12 AURORA”.

This is a very effective scheme because the question intrigues the reader and makes him look for an answer.

Next, present an idea that contradicts your thesis and refute it. Use compelling evidence. The easiest way to do this is with technical innovations. After all, you just need to compare the technical characteristics, cost and durability of two models of a smartphone, calculator or car to prove that one of them is better than the other.

After you have formulated the thesis, you need to explain how you will support it in the main part. Please provide this brief information in the introduction.

Use arguments and examples

Since we are writing an argumentative essay, it is the arguments that are the most important component. Use 5 types of arguments:

  • They prove whether your statement is true or not
  • Use a dictionary definition of what you are arguing about, as well as your own interpretation of it
  • Be sure to include why this question is important to your target audience
  • Cause and effect. What question do you raise in your essay, and what are the consequences of finding an answer to this question
  • Why this topic shouldn’t be indifferent to the reader

To make it easier for the reader to remember the information, use simple life examples like in exemplification essay.

Don't use arguments in conclusion

In this part of the essay, you summarize. Therefore, you can’t use new facts and statistics. Repeat the thesis and show that during the work you were able to prove the correctness of your point of view.